Financial group bakes cakes for Boys and Girls Club members

Nestor Financial Network will continue its unique program to make sure every child at the Milford Boys and Girls Club receives a homemade birthday cake for their special day. In order to do this, Nestor Financial is calling upon its clients to volunteer to bake a cake for a child ages 6 – 12.

Roberta Nestor, owner of Nestor Financial Network, has organized several volunteer opportunities in the past, from Habitat for Humanity to Chemo Caps for Children. In 2014, clients of Nestor Financial made dozens of prosthetic hands (“Helping Hands”) that were sent to small children overseas.

“Working with the Boys and Girls Club has given us the opportunity to do something on a local level,” said Nestor.

“Each month we get a list of birthdays along with a little insight as to favorite interest of the child. Our clients have made Oreo cookie cakes, princess cakes, Spiderman, and even the now popular tie dye cakes,” Nestor said.

Clients of Nestor Financial sign up as volunteers and when called upon, Sharon Troy of Nestor Financial sets them up with cake mix, frosting, decorations, a birthday card and a special cake box. “It’s a program we are committed to and we plan on continuing over the years.”