Donated quilt helps group raise money for the environment

For the third year in a row, Sherri Belden, a former Milfordite, member of the Environmental Concerns Coalition and master quilter, donated a quilt to the Milford Environmental Protection Initiative (MEPI) to raise money for environmental projects.

This summer, at Milford’s farmers markets, festivals or fairs, residents might have been approached by someone eager to sell them a raffle ticket for this year’s quilt. The women, all MEPI board members, have been raising money for more than 10 years to support projects that improve or protect Milford’s environment.

MEPI offers small grants ranging from $250 to $1000 for any sized project with a big ripple effect.  

In the past MEPI has funded a Horseshoe Crab Workshop with special scholarships for Milford’s teachers; the children’s library to purchase a series of books on the coastal environment; the adult library for a separate lecture on horseshoe crabs for the public; Boy Scouts for tree planting; Girl Scouts for butterfly and bee gardens; Bridges for seeds and tools for a space at the Benson Crump Memorial Community Gardens; raised beds for the planting of organic food at Jonathan Law, as well as a stipend to a journalism student to write about the projects and the people they intend to serve. MEPI’s biggest grant went to Steve Johnson to create a stewardship management plan for one of the city’s largest preserves.

To raise money for these and future projects MEPI raffles off tickets for Sherri Belden’s quilts, (the winner of this year’s quilt is Bonnie Shultz), and sells calendars containing 13 iconic photographs of Milford by Jeanne Cervin.

The group also accepts donations.

For more information on projects and applications for funding, visit