Connecticut gas prices have stalled while the national average accelerated two cents higher compared to this time last week.

Today (May 22) Connecticut’s average gas price remains steady at $2.50; while nationally prices bumped up to $2.36 from $2.34 over the past week.

Despite Connecticut’s steady prices, the Nutmeg State moved up 1 place — to 10th — on the list of states with the most expensive gas averages in the nation. Since mid-April, Connecticut held the 11th place in terms of the state with the highest prices in the nation.

AAA’s weekly survey of prices in Connecticut’s four regional areas as follows:

  • Greater Bridgeport/Stamford $2.57

  • New Haven/Meriden $2.48

  • Greater Hartford $2.48

  • New London/Norwich $2.52

  • Statewide average $2.50

Today, South Carolina continues to register the lowest average in the nation at $2.05, followed by Mississippi at $2.08. California finally bumped Hawaii from the list as the state with the highest prices in the nation. Today, California registers $3.06 followed by Hawaii with at $3.05.