Connecticut gas prices continue to drop

Connecticut drivers continue to see lower prices at the pump in The Nutmeg State. AAA Northeast says the average price of a gallon of regular gas is $2.29 today, $.04 cents lower than last week; 12 cents lower than last month and $1.09 lower than last year.

Connecticut hasn’t see prices of $2.29 since mid — February of this year.

AAA’s Oct. 26 survey of prices also found the average national price of a gallon of self-serve, regular is $2.20, $.06 cents lower than last week; $.09 cents lower than last month; and $.85 cents lower than last year.

Prices continue to dip for various reasons because the price of crude oil — the driving force of the price at the pumps — continues to drop and  there are ample supplies of gasoline available on the market. Demand hasn’t outstripped supply at this point.

AAA’s weekly survey of prices in the Nutmeg State’s four regional areas as follows:

•Greater Bridgeport/Stamford, $2.39

•New Haven/Meriden, $2.28

•Greater Hartford, $2.26

•New London/Norwich, $2.27

Statewide Average:  $2.29

Connecticut is now the 22nd state in the nation with the highest gas prices. Last week, it held the 21st rank. Eight states in the national — South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia, all registered average prices under $2 a gallon.

Here is a roundup of average prices of states in our region.

New Jersey $1.94

Vermont $2

New Hampshire $1.94

Maine $2.22

Massachusetts $2.13

Connecticut, $2.29

Rhode Island $2.17

New York $2.35

Today, South Carolina and Alabama are the two states with the lowest average gas prices at $1.89 and $1.92, respectively. Hawaii continues to lead the pack with highest prices in the nation at $2.989, followed by California at $2.85.