City Clerk candidate profile: Linda Stock


City Clerk

Qualifications: I have been the city clerk since 2009 and in that time have taken numerous classes in order to understand all aspects of being a city clerk. I have studied land records, elections (extensively), marriages, births, deaths, document recordings, fishing licenses, dog licenses, to name a few. Recently, I have passed a stringent test that qualifies me to utilize the title, Certified Connecticut Town Clerk (CCTC). I studied as soon as I became city clerk and therefore was able to take the test after only being in office 3.5 years.

What do you hope to accomplish: The city clerk's office has been revamped so that it is a safer, more comfortable environment for the team. There are no longer people wandering all through the office while we are doing our work. In addition, we have put many of our land records on line. We have also put our city ordinances, and city charter on line as well. Our systems are in the process of being updated, enabling us to be even more efficient. We continue to welcome the public and provide excellent customer service in order to serve all who visit our office.