CT's Beardsley Zoo welcomes two lynx kittens to the family

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo welcomes two Canada lynx (Felis lynx) kittens, born on April 26. The babies have yet to have their first exam by the zoo’s veterinarian, as their mother is still extremely protective and the zoo staff is respecting her need for privacy for several more weeks. The two kittens appear to be healthy, and a quick peek into their den showed that their eyes are open.

“At just three weeks old, it will be a while before the kittens venture out in public,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “They are just starting to explore the world around them.”

Dancho remarked that it’s especially rewarding to announce the birth of the lynx kittens on Endangered Species Day. “The birth of new Zoo babies is a testament to our Zoo team’s husbandry experience and the high quality of their care.”

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is home to the parents, a male, Sasquatch, originally from the Minnesota Zoo born in May 1991, and a female, Selma, from Hogle Zoo in Utah born in May 1992.  Their twins are expected to be on exhibit at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo early this summer.

“This birth is very significant for the Zoo in that it is a first for us! The lynx are among the favorite animals here at the Zoo,” shared Dancho. “Their behavior is so entertaining that our guests never get tired of watching them.”

Anyone interested in naming the kittens can bid on the opportunity at the auction at the Wild Wine Safari on June 3.   

About the Canada Lynx

Lynx are light brown to gray in color, similar in appearance to a Bobcat but larger, with longer legs. The tip of their tail is black, and they have long black ear tufts, giving them their distinctive appearance. Lynx lead a solitary life except during breeding season and when mothers travel with their young. Females give birth to between one-five young after a 60-74 day gestation period. Called either cubs or kittens, the young are weaned in two-five months. Lynx kittens learn to actively hunt snowshoe hares, red squirrels, and grouse by the time they are eight months old. Adult lynx are exceptional stalkers, silently ambushing prey once in striking distance.

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