CT, national gas prices drop

After rampant speculation; a series of devastating hurricane and media hype, average gas prices in Connecticut and on the national level are on the downswing, according to AAA Northeast.

Today (Sept. 18) Connecticut’s average gas price of $2.85 is $.02 cents lower than last week, while nationally, averages prices at $2.62 are $.05 cents lower than last week.

As Southern and Southeast states continue to mop up after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, motorists in 45 states are today paying less for a gallon of gas than the previous week. In fact, today’s national price average is the cheapest in 14 days. Prices will continue to drop as refineries, pipelines and gasoline deliveries program and the expectation is prices will continue to drop through the coming weeks as normal operations are resumed.

AAA’s weekly survey of prices in Connecticut’s four regional areas as follows:

  • Greater Bridgeport/Stamford $2.92

  • New Haven/Meriden $2.82

  • Greater Hartford $2.83

  • New London/Norwich $2.85

  • Statewide average $2.85

Today, Oklahoma and Missouri are the two states registering the lowest averages in the nation at $2.31 and $2.34 respectively. California and Hawaii at $3.15 and $3.12, respectively, are the states with the highest average at $3.12. Connecticut remains at 7th place on the list of states with the highest gas prices in the nation.

AAA Northeast is a not-for-profit auto club with 62 offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire and New York, providing more than 2 million local AAA members with travel, insurance, finance, and auto-related services.