CT gas prices drop this week

Although Connecticut’s average prices for a gallon of regular gas continues to slide, diesel fuel will rise July 1 when a state tax increase pushes up prices here 2.2 cents.

Today (June 25) diesel fuel averages $3.32 a gallon. Of this average, state taxes make up 41.7 cents; while Federal taxes are an additional 24.4 cents.

However, on July 1, consumers will pay 43.9 cents in state taxes, a figure that’s adjusted annually by the CT Department of Revenue Services. The adjustment is based on last year’s price and has dropped, increased or remained the same in previous years.

Meanwhile, prices for a gallon of self-serve regular continue to decline with today’s average (June 25) at $3.09, two cents lower than this time last week. Connecticut’s average gas prices, however, are 64 cents more expensive than last summer.

A similar scenario is playing out on the National level where the average of $2.85 is a nickel lower than last week, but 58 cents higher than last year.

Affecting the price at the pump is the recent announcement by OPEC to increase production to balance global supply, said Fran Mayko, AAA Northeast spokesman. “But there’s still uncertainty on the global level whether or not the production increase will be enough to dramatically reduce gas prices by late summer or early fall.”

AAA’s weekly survey of prices in Connecticut’s six regions are:

  • Greater Bridgeport $3.17

  • Greater Hartford $3.05

  • Lower Fairfield County $3.14

  • New Haven/Meriden $3.07

  • New London/Norwich $3.11

  • Windham/Middlesex $3.08

  • Statewide average $3.09

Today, South Carolina registers the lowest average per-gallon prices in the nation at $2.50, followed by Mississippi and Alabama, both at $2.54. Hawaii and California continue to lead the pack with the highest average prices, at $3.72 and $3.68, respectively. Connecticut continues to hold the 9th spot with the highest prices in the nation.