Bringing wind power to Connecticut

Below is a press release written by Sierra Club's national communications team

Gov. Malloy and DEEP Commissioner Klee announced a slate of new renewable energy programs on June 13 including 200 megawatts of offshore wind at the Revolution Wind site. The project will be built by Deepwater Wind and comes just three weeks after Massachusetts and Rhode Island signaled their support for new offshore wind projects. It’s starting to look like we have a trend of offshore wind projects in the Northeast, placing the region and CT, MA and RI specifically, in the role of national leaders on offshore wind.

For reference, there’s only one offshore wind site actively running, at Block Island, RI. So the new announcements here, and previously in MA and RI constitute a significant expansion of capacity.

Here’s a quote from Martha Klein, chair of the Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter:

“Connecticut is stepping up to make offshore wind a reality. Across the Northeast clean, reliable offshore wind is taking root and will continue to grow as long as we have leaders like Governor Malloy at the helm. The state, and the region, have an obligation to future generations to invest in renewable energy solutions that reduce the effects of air pollution and climate change. While we are disappointed that some of the new energy coming online will be powered by methane, or fracked gas, today’s announcement proves Connecticut is honoring that obligation to the future and becoming a national leader in offshore wind.”