Bridgeport Rescue Mission thanks community for funds to replace cooler

Bridgeport Rescue Mission is grateful for the community’s quick and generous response to their urgent call for funding for a new walk-in cooler when their aging unit failed.

The cooler is vital to the Mission’s food outreach program, which provides three meals daily to as many as hundreds men, women and children in their emergency shelters and long-term programs and to low-income individuals and families in the community. The unbudgeted expense for the project, which includes the cooler, a concrete foundation and associated installation costs, totaled approximately $40,000.

“When the community learned of this pressing need, our friends and partners stepped up as they always do,” said Executive Director Terry Wilcox. “hundreds of donors contributed $25,000 in financial gifts and we received a pledge for $20,000 from a very generous individual,” he explained. “While we’re certainly not surprised by this outpouring of support, we are overwhelmed by these blessings and grateful for all who played a part.”

Wilcox is also thankful for the partnership of Impact Vine – a community of non-profit organizations and donors working together to raise funds for projects that help solve problems – which secured over $2,000 for the project.

While waiting for the cooler to arrive and be installed, the Mission has rented a refrigerated truck that will enable them to store food and continue to prepare the meals served in their dining room and from their Mobile Kitchens. The rental fee is $1,500 per week, and the Mission continues to incur this expense during the interim period.

“I’m confident the community will see us through to the end of this challenge and allow us to continue to provide nutritious meals – which is such an essential part of our outreach – to those in our care and to our hungry neighbors.”

Gifts for the ongoing support of this project can be made online at Information on Mission’s programs and services can be found on the website as well.   For additional information, contact Donna Romano, Director of Communications at 203-520-2997 or