Beardsley Zoo hosts Canada Lynx kittens gender announcement

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo will celebrate their new Canada lynx kittens born in April with a “gender announcement” on Thursday, June 29, at 11 a.m. Guests may donate $2 at the front gate to receive a scratch ticket which reveals the kittens’ genders. $5 will purchase a “Team Boy” or “Team Girl” bracelet; $10 will purchase a pair of “Team Boy” or “Team Girl” sunglasses.

The gender reveal will take place in front of the lynx exhibit. Staff and guests will celebrate together. There also will be an enrichment activity provided for the adult male lynx: when he begins to play with a paper mache rabbit, there will be streamers inside to inform him of the gender of his offspring.

The lynx kittens have been offered the opportunity to explore their exhibit, but mom is very protective and they haven’t made their first foray outside yet. Stay tuned — it may be any day. Part of the Zoo’s focus on animal welfare places the choice with the animals, particularly the lynx mother.

About the Canada Lynx

Lynx are light brown to gray in color, similar in appearance to a Bobcat but larger, with longer legs.  The tip of their tail is black, and they have long black ear tufts, giving them their distinctive  appearance. Lynx lead a solitary life except during breeding season and when mothers travel with their young. Females give birth to between one-five young after a 60-74 day gestation period. Called either cubs or kittens, the young are weaned in two-five months. Lynx kittens learn to actively hunt snowshoe hares, red squirrels, and grouse by the time they are eight months old. Adult lynx are exceptional stalkers, silently ambushing prey once in striking distance.

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

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