Audubon Connecticut announces support for H.B. No. 6926, to allow local option

Audubon Connecticut announced today their support for H.B. 6929 in an effort to help acquire, preserve and protect open space at the local level.

Sources of funding for open space acquisition and protection in Connecticut are becoming increasingly threatened and harder to come by; and the state is also falling behind on its open space goals highlighted in the Connecticut Green Plan. In response, Audubon Connecticut launched Project Green Space, an initiative advocating for the creation of a “local option.”

In order to help create additional funding, the state legislature needs to approve enabling legislation to give Connecticut cities and towns permission to adopt a local option. This legislation is one of many ways Audubon Connecticut is helping to address the funding crisis for open space in our state.

The Planning and Development Committee held a public hearing for H.B. 6926 earlier today.

Additional legislation aimed at helping to preserve and protect open space in Connecticut Legislation has been introduced in the 2017 legislative session: SB.508 has been introduced by Senator Boucher; HB.6946 has been introduced by Representative Mushinsky; and HB. 6926 has been introduced by Representatives Orange, Ryan and Gresko.