Adulting 101: Tips for millennials

The folks at the Milford Public Library say they know that being an adult can be hard. Millennials are juggling completing school, finding a career, staying healthy, and trying to maintain a social life. There’s not always time to figure out complicated life choices – like how to get a critique of their resume, saving for retirement, paying back student loans.

So Milford Library has a day planned to answer these questions – and more, in a program called Adulting 101.

On Aug. 4 starting at 11 a.m., a full day of life lessons will be presented. From fun tips, like decorating on a dime, to the essential, how to handle finances, there will be experts to give advice and answer questions.  

The schedule is as follows:

11 to 11:30: Move Over, Hello Fresh! Do it Yourself For Half the Price

11:30 to 12: Why You Might Need a Lawyer

12 to 1: Unfollowed, Blocked, Reported: Online and offline personal safety  

2 to 2:30: Keep it Clean without a Maid  

2:30 to 3:30: I Have My Own Money – Now What?  

3:30 to 4:30: Mindfulness: Take Care of Your Body and Your Mind  

4:30 to 5: Decorating on a Dime  

In addition, the Registrar of Voters will be on hand to register anyone who needs to register, and Milford Adult Education will have schedules for a host of classes being offered in the fall.

The program is free and open to all.