A brief interview with Santa

The Milford Mirror bumped into Santa at the United Way Wednesday and asked him some questions. Following are his answers.

MM: What is your favorite color?

SC: Red

MM: How can you tell if someone is naughty or nice?

SC: I have elves monitor all social media, games and school records, and parental reports.

MM: Do you have a favorite kind of snow?

SC: White, fluffy and deep, and good for packing to make snowmen.

MM: Did you ever slide off a roof?

SC: No, but then I have the magical power to be able to float.

MM: What is your favorite kind of cookie?

SC: My favorite cookie is chocolate chip.

MM: Do you put on weight during the holidays?

SC: No, I'm a constant 300 pounds.

MM: Do you prefer hot chocolate or warm milk?

SC: Hot cocoa.

MM: Do you get cold when you are outside on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

SC: No, I'm always dressed for the weather.

MM: Are you good at wrapping presents, or does someone do that for you?

SC: My elves wrap the presents under the direction of Mrs. Claus.

MM: What is your favorite Christmas Day meal?

SC: Christmas Day Mrs. Claus puts me on a diet (but it never works) Ho Ho Ho.

MM: Who mends your suit if it gets a rip in it?

SC: I do some sewing repairs myself, such as buttons that have fallen off. Anything else goes to elf tailors.

MM: If you could go anywhere the day after Christmas to rest, where would you go?

SC: Stay right home at the North Pole.

MM: What is the best part about giving people presents?

SC: The look of wonder and the smiles that they get when they open them.