Milford Mayor Ben Blake to step down in June

MILFORD — Mayor Ben Blake announced Tuesday he will step down in June after 12 years in the role to take a state position.

"It is bittersweet," he said in a press release.

Blake said he was nominated by Gov. Ned Lamont to serve as administrative law judge for Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Commission. 

"I am humbled by the governor's confidence and trust," Blake said.

The legislature is expected to act upon the nomination before adjourning its session on June 7.

"Once confirmed, I intend to step down as Milford's mayor to accept this new public service position," he said.

According to the city charter, the Board of Aldermen will have a special meeting to appoint a mayor from the same party as the mayor who is stepping down. The appointed person will serve until the next city election.

"The Board of Aldermen will have a special meeting in June," Blake said.

There are 16 administrative law judges on the workers' compensation commission, which has a number of responsibilities including hearing disputes, approving employer healthcare plans and self-insurance applications; helping employers follow safety and health regulations; and providing education and rehabilitation services, according to the state website.

Blake said his focus until he joins the commission is to ensure a stable and seamless administrative transition for Milford.

"With the help of our residents, employees, and volunteers, we have achieved unprecedented economic expansion, advanced our city schools, developed world-class recreational amenities and rebuilt critical public infrastructure all while cutting taxes and reducing the city's mill rate for each of the past seven consecutive years," Blake said. "Every day I'm reminded of how much good there is in the Small City with a Big Heart. While it is an all-consuming job, serving as mayor for this remarkable community has been my greatest professional honor."