Zoning news: Board OKs 2 subdivision requests

Two, two-lot resubdivision plans were quickly and unanimously approved by the Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) at its Jan. 19 meeting. There was no public comment because no one from the public attended the meeting.

The board unanimously approved an application for a two-lot resubdivision for a 1.7-acre property at 395 Orange Avenue., which is zoned R-30. William Kivic of Canterbury, Conn. owns the property.

The plans by Engineer Ronald Wassmer indicate that one lot would be 37,558 square feet and the other would be 30,950 square foot, both of which exceed the minimum requirements of 30,000 square foot lots. The two houses would have driveways on Orange Avenue and yards facing Burnt Plains Road. One property also borders Stiles Street, which would be widened five feet as part of this plan.

In approving the subdivision, the board added the stipulation recommended by the Tree Commission that Kivic remove the invasive plant species from the property. Wassmer said the project will also include curb and sidewalk improvements on Orange Avenue and Burnt Plains Road.

In other business, the board unanimously approved a two-lot resubdivision for the 0.39-acre property at 8-10 Laurel Avenue, located in the Corridor Design District-2 (CDD-2) zone. Laurel Dunes LLC is the owner.

Attorney Thomas B. Lynch said the property was originally created in 2003 when four non-conforming lots were joined as part of a special exception. Two houses of 3,981 square feet each were constructed on the combined lots.

Lynch said, “My client wants to have the ability to sell the property as separate homes.” He said one lot would be 6,100 square feet and the other lot would be 6,800 square feet, which is more than three times the size of the minimum lot size required in the CDD-2. The plan includes an easement for the driveway to Laurel Avenue needed to access the rear property at 8 Laurel Avenue.
Regulations Changes Take Effect
Regulation changes unanimously approved by the board at its Dec. 15, 2015 meeting took effect on Jan. 8. Section has been deleted from the regulations, and the same such wording has been deleted from a chart in Section, Figure 2. The regulation had read, “No structure or accessory building shall be less than 8 feet from a dwelling unit.” With this section deleted, other sections of the zoning regulations would determine the location of such structures on a lot.

The board also amended Section 5.8.5 New Building Applications, which stated, “Any application for new buildings shall be accompanied by building plans, floor plans, and elevations prepared by a professional engineer and/or architect licensed in the State of Connecticut.” The revised regulations added these words, “or by other individuals, in compliance with State Statute Chapter 390 Section 20-298.”

The state statute allows “persons other than architects” to prepare drawings for “the construction or alteration of a residential building to provide dwelling space for not more than two families,” or for a private garage or other accessory building “intended for use with such residential building, or of any farm building or structure for agricultural use.”