Zoning board approves six-house subdivision in Milford

Milford City Hall

Milford City Hall

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MILFORD — Six houses will be constructed at the corner of Naugatuck Avenue and West Rutland Road in Milford following unanimous Planning and Zoning Board approval of a subdivision at its Dec. 1 meeting.

The six-lot subdivision at 1314 Naugatuck Ave. is being created on a 2.91-acre property in the R-18 zone. There would be three houses fronting on each of the two roads with one property located at the corner.

White Oaks Terrace LLC of 183 Quarry Road purchased the property from the estate of William H. Brensinger Jr., and has demolished the 1,738 sq. ft. house from 1868, along with the shed and barn previously located on the property.

Attorney Keven Curseaden, who presented the application on behalf of White Oaks Terrace LLC, said the structures were taken down in the past month and the property is being cleaned up.

“There are not too many subdivision applications,” said Curseaden. “There used to be more in Milford.”

Engineer Ronald Wassmer said the subdivision would have public water and sewer. Wassmer said there would be new curbing and sidewalks along Naugatuck Avenue and West Rutland Road. He said the latter road was reconstructed 10 to 15 years ago and is 30 feet wide, but the curbs and sidewalks along it are in disrepair and will need to be reconstructed. He said an area of trees will remain along northern property border and street trees will be planted to meet the requirements of the zoning regulations.

The developer must comply with the recommendations of City Engineer Gregory H. Pidluski to widen Naugatuck Avenue to 30 feet, including utility relocations, and also to mill and overlay Naugatuck Avenue and West Rutland Road in front of the subdivision.

The only comment during the public hearing came from Attorney Christopher Carveth, who said he was representing Rochelle Hudson, the executor of the property. Carveth asked that the board “give favorable consideration” to the application.

In other business, the board unanimously approved a zone change at 535-543 Plains Road that changes the R-30 portion of the property to conform to the R-18 zoning on the rest of the parcel.

“When a property is bifurcated by two zones, it becomes difficult as to what to do with the property,” Curseaden said.

With the uniform R-18 zone, Curseaden said the property could have anywhere from four to seven lots, depending on the property survey and the width of the road needed to access the potential lots. He said of the existing structures, the main house in the center of the property would remain, but the rest would be torn down. He said the house on Plains Road “is in bad shape” and would need to be removed to make room for the new road.

Michael Bulkley, who owns the abutting property, said the development would be beneficial to the neighborhood.

“The neighbors are good people,” he said. “The properties certainly have their age on them.”