Your mayoral candidates: Spalthoff talks about union support

by Peter Spalthoff

Republican, and Independent-endorsed

My name is Peter Spalthoff and I hope to be your next mayor.

Here are what some people who work hard for Milford have to say about me:

Milford Supervisors Union MSA:

This is the first time Local R1-125 has ever endorsed a mayoral candidate. Union President Tom Hunt stated:

“Our members care very much about Milford’s future. We know firsthand what it means to have good city services, because we’re the ones who deliver them. We understand the dedication, resources and leadership necessary to keep Milford working. We chose to endorse Mr. Spalthoff because we believe that he understands, too.”

Milford’s Public Works Union:

Local 1566 President Michael Hedman said I impressed union members with my commitment to protecting public services and fostering open communication.

“Peter really respects the work we do,” Hedman said. “He knows we are proud to serve the public and wants to make sure we have the ability to get the job done.”

The Milford District Animal Advocates, a group formed out of their concern for animals in need:

“Peter has shown that he will work with the shelter in the same way and with the same passion that we do. We want to reach out to all our organization’s supporters and Milford’s animal lovers to vote for Peter Spalthoff for mayor.”

Scott Stokes, the present chairman of the Board of the United Way, also endorses my candidacy because of my “ tireless work” as treasurer, board chairman and finance chairman of the United Way; for my “compassion for our seniors and youth” and my willingness to help those in need. I made the motion to move $50,000 to the Hurricane Sandy Fund to help Milford citizens. According to Mr. Stokes, I “made the United Way financially stable.”

While I have never made excuses, my life wasn’t easy. I grew up in an orphanage, then a foster home. Self-reliance, responsibility and obligation molded my character, producing an individual dedicated to service: first to our country in the Dominican Republic and Vietnam, then as a Trumbull police officer and a committee member involved in the formation of Trumbull Day.

As a self-made businessman, I moved to Milford and have been serving our community ever since: as treasurer for the Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA, and the Caswell Cove Association; as a board member of Milford Rotary, Milford Fine Arts and Bridges; as a member of both the Harbor Commission and Economic Development Commission; as a member of the advisory board of the Boys and Girls Village; as a member of Milford’s VFW Post 7788; as president of the Downtown Merchant Association; as chairman of the Point Beach Association; and as a key proponent in securing the return of both the Fort Trumbull Cannon and the Simon Lake Submarine to Milford.

I also served as a campaign chairman for Fred Lisman; as Milford Republican town chairman from 2000 to 2005; as a state Central Committee member. I was the founder and driving force behind “Milford Celebrates New Year’s Eve” and the “Tie a Ribbon Celebration” on our Green.

My commitment to service truly puts people before politics, as evidenced by my work in our community and by my bipartisan endorsements. I am a Republican receiving unprecedented endorsements from the Supervisors MSA Union, the Public Works Union, the Milford Independent Party, and the Milford District Animal Advocates.

Bipartisan — Commitment — Compassion — Dedication — Experience — Perseverance — Milford.

These are the words that sum up my experience and qualifications as a person, as a candidate and as your next mayor.