Young man dubbed 'naked intruder' sentenced to 10 years, suspended after three

Benjamin Prue, the former swimmer who was shot after breaking into a Point Lookout home in Milford last July, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, suspended after three years.

The judge also imposed a five-year probation period, according to a court clerk.

The young man, 25 years old at the time of the incident, gained notoriety not only for his athletic past at Trumbull High School and later in college, but also for his lack of clothing during the home invasion, leading local media to dub him “the naked intruder.”

Prue was initially charged with home invasion, first degree burglary, assault on an elderly victim, threatening, interfering with police and resisting arrest.

Later, police added charges of carrying a weapon in his vehicle, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Point Lookout homeowner Gerald Mirto, who was 67 years old when the break-in occurred, shot Prue as he was trying to steal a television from his home in July, Mirto told police. The homeowner also told police that Prue  rushed him when he told him to leave the house.

Prue had at least two surgeries and was listed in critical condition for several weeks before being released from the hospital and taken to a Bridgeport corrections center.

Prue most recently lived in Rolesville, N.C., and is formerly of West Haven and Trumbull. According to news reports, Prue was an award-winning swimmer at Trumbull High School, and later at Virginia Tech and Southern Connecticut State University.