Young author signs books in Milford Saturday

Author Kyla LoPresti will sign copies of her book, Flashback, at Collected Stories Bookstore, 12 Daniel St., Aug. 4, from noon to 2 p.m.
Written and published late last year when the author was 12; Flashback is about Isabelle Violet Halloway, who is not your average teenager. While Isabelle has all the problems that almost every other teenager has, she has one very unique problem: she has lived before.

Amid fragmented flashbacks of her previous family; the reemergence of her past-life boy friend (and true love) into her present life; and a personal tragedy, Isabelle must learn as much as she can about her life in 1800s New England because, if Isabelle is to survive her current life, she must solve the biggest mystery of all: who murdered her.