Yoga practices to dissolve holiday stress

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Denise ends 2015 with a lesson in self-care and relaxation.

This week, Robert Ortner, a yoga educator and spiritual entertainer, joins Denise to share his story and easy-to-follow advice for incorporating yoga techniques into your daily life. Are you stressed out and standing in a long line? Are you carrying all your stress in your jaw, face or have bad posture? We get some real tips to improve it. News Director Kate Czaplinski also joins in to get some advice.

Robert is based in the Fairfield County area, teaching a number of classes and doing private sessions. His  approach to the art and science of yoga begins with the phrase “We are our own best teachers.” One does not just “do yoga” becomes yoga. It is a lifelong journey that anyone can make.

Robert offers classes and programs that work with the whole person — from gentle conditioning and beginner classes to more traditional vinyasa and high-energy yoga for strength and endurance. He balances the need for both strength and flexibility, stress reduction and meditation, along with breath work and inner quiet.

Robert's own story is unique, as he worked in construction and his body had taken a great deal of wear and tear in doing so. Yoga became his calling. You can find out more about him here.

Denise also gives us a "Mindful Minute" of tips for motivation and relaxation.

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