Yankee Fisherman: Thursday, March 17

Juvenile sturgeon have been found in Connecticut, and we'll talk to Tom Savoy of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection at 1 p.m. on Yankee Fisherman on the HAN Network.

For the first time in decades, native Connecticut River Atlantic Sturgeon have been found. DNA taken from small Atlantic Sturgeon collected in the lower Connecticut River in 2014 revealed these fish are not strays from any other river system, but are a distinct population of Connecticut River Atlantic Sturgeon. These results indicate that at least a few Atlantic Sturgeon were able to successfully spawn in the Connecticut River.


About 50 1-year-old Atlantic Sturgeon were captured (sizes ranged from 7 to 25 inches) and tagged in 2014. More small Atlantic Sturgeon were collected in 2015, with several being recaptures of fish tagged in 2014. This provides evidence of their continuing growth and survival in the river. While numbers of Atlantic Sturgeon remain critically low (both State and Federally listed as Endangered), this natural spawning success is quite noteworthy, according to the Connecticut DEEP.

Tom Savoy has been with the State of CT DEEP since 1981, working in the Marine Division. He started working with American shad in the Connecticut River, and added shortnose sturgeon in 1988. He holds the federal permits required to handle sturgeon.

We'll also revisit the Connecticut Surfcasters Association Demo Day. Michael Mullen of High Hook Lures demonstrates how he uses a lathe to create plugs. David Rodriguez of Tank Surfcasting Lures tells us about the materials he chooses for his plugs. Chuck . Plus a full slate of events this weekend.

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