Yankee Fisherman, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

Many anglers would rather see a dear friend catch the big one, and that unfolded over the weekend.

A spring-like Sunday one week after a snowstorm postponed a fishing outing nets a tremendous rainbow, showing its full color on Yankee Fisherman on the HAN Network Thursday. Feb. 23, at 1 p.m. The fish were biting from crystal-clear water on a warm day painted with snow and ice.


We’ll also revisit a visit to the Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited by Bill Hyatt, director of the Bureau of Natural Resources, and Peter Aarrestad, director of Fisheries. Budget reductions over recent years have threatened Connecticut’s fish hatcheries, and with them the stocking and educational programs they support. Bill and Peter will give an update on improvements, and the future of the facilities.

This weekend brings the Fly Fishing Film Tour to Connecticut, a benefit for conservation projects undertaken by the Candlewood Valley, Mianus and Nutmeg chapters of Trout Unlimited, and the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show to Massachusetts.

Yankee Fisherman, presented by The Dock Shop, airs Thursdays at 1 p.m. on the HAN Network. Previous episodes can be watched on demand or listened to as a podcast.

Yankee Fisherman is hosted by John Kovach, editorial director, host and announcer for the HAN Network. A native of New Jersey, Kovach has fished since his father first took him out as a child. Kovach fishes fresh and salt water, ties flies, dabbles in lure making and promotes conservation, including a leadership role in the Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited.