Xpect Discounts becoming car dealership

A car dealership that has not been identified is taking over the former Xpect Discounts property at 480 Boston Post Road.

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) unanimously approved a special permit and site plan at its June 19 meeting to convert the property from retail use to an auto dealership. Board Chairman Jim Quish recused himself from the application. The project received no public comment.

The property at 480 Boston Post Road is owned by 480 BPR Milford LLC, which lists Arnold Peck of Milford as manager. The 3.08-acre property has a 34,000 square foot building that formerly housed Xpect Discounts, which closed in spring of 2016.

City Planner David B. Sulkis said the project is correcting a drainage problem at the back, which has been an issue for the city and the adjacent property owner for years.

“The resulting site work that they are proposing to do is a great improvement to what’s there,” said Sulkis. “This is in my opinion is a good application.”

Raymond Paier, vice president of engineering for the firm of Westcott and Mapes, said the change in use was necessary to park cars. The focus of the application was the parking lot.

Paier said there are no plans at this time to use the building. He said there would be no lifts or mechanics on the property; one area will be used for cosmetic preparation of cars.

The plan includes additional landscaping along Route 1 and the east side of the property, said Paier. He said the parking lot is being restriped and will have fewer spaces than it does now, in order to comply with zoning regulations. A timber and steel protective guardrail along Route 1 will keep vehicles from encroaching upon the landscaped area.

The project also comes with improved stormwater management in the form of water quality inserts into the existing system. Paier said there are wetlands 150 feet north of the property, and the project complies with all setbacks.

“The building is not changing,” said Paier. “There is an architect exploring with the owner to improve the appearance, but the branding has not yet been decided or disclosed to us.”

Paier declined to identify the dealership.

The parcel is adjacent to two properties owned by Colonial Toyota and is across the street from a third Colonial property. The main Colonial facility is next door at 470 Boston Post Road.

Colonial stores cars in a half-acre parking lot on High Street that it owns under the name of Gold Coast Realty LLC, which adjoins the north side of the former Xpect property.

At its Dec. 2, 2014 meeting the P&Z granted Colonial approval to establish a parking lot for storage of its vehicle inventory at 449 Boston Post Road, which formerly housed the Kimberly Diner.

In addition, the dealership received permission to use a vacant commercial building at 435 Boston Post Road as a photo shop to take pictures of vehicles for Internet sales. These properties are across the street from the Xpect parcel.