Wow, that's a lot of snow!

Wow, have you ever seen this much snow.

“Not since 1978,” said one downtown resident Saturday morning as she and her family tried to clear the driveway of snow.

And it was a daunting task this morning because three feet of snow, if not more. sat on top of her driveway.

After a full Friday of snow, followed by more snow and heavy winds Friday night into Saturday morning, Milford residents woke up to a winter wonderland — if you look on the bright side.

Roads appear impassible: Side roads topped with feet of snow make it impractical for people to dig out their driveways yet because there just wouldn’t be any place to move the cars.

Cars are half buried in snow.

The tip of a dog house stands peeking from the back yard of one Noble Avenue residence.

One young man shoveling his sidewalk laughed as he did so because he had never seen so much snow.

Snow has stopped here for the most part, and the weather service said it would stop by 10 a.m., though some strong winds may continue.

The weather service advised that there will be continued blowing and drifting of snow with northwest winds gusting to 40 MPH at times and ground blizzard conditions at times.