Woodbridge town committees choose candidates for May election

WOODBRIDGE - As the May 7, 2007 elections in Woodbridge approach, the Democratic town committee finalized its slate of nominees at a meeting on Jan 17.

The slate, which is included below, was unanimously approved by both the Democratic town committee and the Democratic caucus.

Attending Democrats were confident that the candidates would prevail and provide the best service to the town of Woodbridge.

Edward Maum Sheehy, the incumbent first selectman, led off the 2007 ticket as the nominee for the first selectman. Sheehy, who has been a member of the BOS for many years, became Woodbridge's first selectman in April 2006.

Sheehy was appointed to fill that position after Amey Marrella, the former first selectwoman, resigned to take a job with the Department of Environmental Protection. Gerry Weiner, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, praised Sheehy for his strong leadership in filling the role of first selectman over the last 9 months, "Ed didn't miss a beat. He's done a superb job."

Sheehy accepted the nomination and reviewed some of the highlights of his administration since last April.

He mentioned a number of issues, including: the acquisition of open space, changes to the ethics requirements for town officials and or employees persusant of plans to update town buildings, and increased communication between all sectors of the town and its citizens.

Sheehy, who had declined to run in the past, felt compelled to fill the void left by Marrella. He said he has enjoyed the months as first selectman and is looking forward to continuing in that role.

The other nominees included some well-known individuals, but also some new faces. Akhil Reed Amar, a constitutional law professor at Yale University, was nominated for the Zoning Board of Appeals. A resident of Woodbridge for two years, Amar expressed a keen interest in local government.

Weiner was pleased with the outcome of the meeting, saying, "This is the best ticket we've ever had." Referring to the many volunteers and participants, as well as the candidates, Weiner said, "These people are a credit to the town and to the Democratic Party."

The Democratic slate includes; First Selectman, Edward Maum Sheehy; selectman, Ellen Scalettar, James K. Sabshin and Sandra T. Stein; Board of Education, Michael F. Ewing and Thomas J. Handler; Board of Assessment Appeals, Henry J. Nusbaum; Zoning Board of Appeals, Mark F. Kohler and Akhil Reed Amar; Zoning Board of Appeals alternate, Mark I. Levine; Regional Board of Education, Susan L. Jacobs and Julie C. Altman.

The Republican slate for the May 7 elections was also set. Dorothy Martino, a member of the nominating committee, was pleased with the choices, saying, "We have a wonderful slate with very capable and talented people."

Selectman Chris Dickerson was nominated to lead the ticket as the candidate for the first selectman. Dickerson, has been a lifelong resident of Woodbridge. He joined the BOS in 2005, after serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals. He said his experience on the BOS has been enlightening. He said, "I feel I can make a difference in Woodbridge. I can build a coalition of Republicans, Democrats and independents."

Citing his experience as a selectman, Dickerson said, "One of the difficult things about being on the BOS is you have to make choices," Dickerson said. The slate includes: First Selectman, Chris Dickerson; board of selectmen Laura Ferrante Fernandes, William Fox and Lochlin Reidy; Amity BOE Chris DeLeone and Frederick Kaiser; Board of Assessment Appeals, Michael Soufrine; Woodbridge BOE Carl Lindskog and Mark Livesay; Zoning Board of Appeals, Viviana Langou Livesay and Lynn Piascyk; Alternate Zoning Board of Appeals, Cynthia Gibbons and Louis Ritucci.