WOODBRIDGE — The Woodbridge Republican Town Committee has updated and reactivated its website www.woodbridgegop.org.

The site has several sections that will be of interest to visitors, including newspaper articles and letters to the editor on Woodbridge issues, information surrounding the Country Club of Woodbridge, a party activity calendar posting regular meetings and special events, a list of its members and those Board and Commission members endorsed by the Woodbridge Republicans, and a method to donate to the party and to contact the Woodbridge Republicans to get involved.

“Much of the debate on important local issues, including the ongoing situation with the Country Club of Woodbridge, has been generated by the local Republican Party members and our elected members of the Board of Selectmen. The website consolidates information on these important topics and makes available the Republican views that have been under-publicized and treated with little regard by the majority party,” said Party Chairman Donald Celotto. “What I think readers will find of great interest will be a plan Republican BOS members submitted months ago for effectively addressing the long term disposition of the CCW and a fact-based review of a campaign mailing that shows how Woodbridge voters were deliberately misled about the Country Club finances just days before the last election. In addition, both the Billy Casper Golf management agreement and the recent, controversial agreement extension, along with the Milone & MacBroom Special Study on the CCW can be found for Woodbridge residents to read for themselves.”