Woman robbed at Woodbridge bus stop

A Woodbridge woman was robbed last Wednesday evening while she was crossing the street to her home as police are looking for the thief who took off with her pocketbook and $100 in cash, police said.

Police Chief Dennis Phipps said around 5 p.m. a town resident was getting off a Connecticut Transit Bus at the Lucy Street Bus stop on Route 69.

While the woman was waiting to cross the street and for the traffic to clear she heard a man call for her, Phipps said.

The man approached the woman near the Amity Meat Market and said he needed to use her cell phone because his truck was disabled, Phipps said.

The woman saw a truck on the street, but refused the man's request and referred him to use a phone in several of the businesses that line the commercial district, he said.

While the woman was pointing toward a store, the man grabbed her pocketbook, which was draped over her shoulder and began pulling with such force it knocked her to the ground, Phipps said.

After a brief but intense struggle the man overpowered her and took off with the pocketbook, he said. During the ordeal the victim called for help repeatedly, but no one heard her cries, Phipps said.

The man then jumped into a car not a truck and drove off, police said. The woman did not require medical attention, the chief said. Thursday morning the victim's pocketbook was discovered in Wallingford minus $100, but all of the woman's belongings were in the pocketbook, Phipps said.

The victim described the car as being bluish green and small, a few years old, but that the car was in good condition, police said.

The man is described as white, 6' feet tall, in his 30's, very pale complexion, with bulging eyes, and he did not have facial hair, police said.

At the time of the robbery, police said, the man was wearing a bright yellow coat with a fleece hood pulled over his head.

If anyone has information about the robbery please call police at 387-2511.