With threat to Fairfield schools, students to leave early; lockdown now a 'lockout'

12:15 PM — During a modified lockdown all classes are held as scheduled and no students are allowed to leave the buildings unless specifically authorized to do so by a Fairfield Prep administrator.
Please be assured that Fairfield University Public Safety is present and working with school administration to keep our students safe. Classes will continue as scheduled until dismissal at 2:35.
There has been no threat made against Fairfield Prep or Fairfield University. However, as a precaution, access to buildings is limited and monitored by Public Safety personnel.
11:28 AM — All afternoon and evening activities as Fairfield Public Schools have been canceled Friday, according to police and school officials. But officials are saying that all schools are safe and secure and the threat had no merit. You can read more about this in the posts below.

11:15 AM — Fairfield Schools have been changed to a "lockout mode" as a precautionary measure, according to officials. "No one will be allowed to enter or leave any buildings," according to an alert sent to parents. "All schools will be following the normal early closing schedule. No parents should go to the school." Fairfield University's student newspaper, The Fairfield Mirror, sent out this tweet:

10:49 AM — Despite being told by police and school officials to not come to Fairfield schools, there are hundreds of cars lining the streets around Fairfield Warde High School this morning.

Police have blocked the entrances to the high school and parents have gathered in groups around around the perimeter of the campus. HAN Network's John Kovach, who is on the scene, described a chaotic scene around Warde. He said there are more than 100 cars lining the streets and some parked on the front lawns of nearby homes.

At least one Fairfield police officer appeared heavily armed at one entrance to the Warde, which like all schools in town are under lockdown. Find out more from our original report below:

10 AM — All schools in Fairfield are on lockdown as of 10 a.m. Friday after threat were received, according to published reports.

"All schools are currently in lockdown. There is a police presence at every school. The police have been unable to confirm the threat at this time. But they are taking them seriously," according to a statement posted on the Fairfield Public Schools website.

Parents are being asked not to go to the schools, and are being told they can go to the Fairfield Prep parking lot for further information.

All students at Notre Dame of Fairfield have been moved inside and the school is on lockdown awaiting further direction from Fairfield Police, Notre Dame's principal tweeted. He tweeted that no threats made to Notre Dame.

According to The Mirror, the student newspaper at Fairfield University, "Due to threats made to area schools all gates are closed. Visitors should use main gate on & have ID ready."

The Mirror also tweeted that normal campus operations would be resuming

A person at Fairfield Warde High School indicated around 9:50 a.m. that the school had been in lockdown for 20 to 25 minutes.