Wings up: Two simple words create confidence in new kid’s book

“Wings up” may be two simple words, but when whispered together they can expose light in the dark hours of the night.

In her new children’s book “Wings Up,” author Michelle A. R. Hydeck encourages children to seek protection through faith, hope and spirituality.

“Children feel better knowing they’re not alone,” Hydeck said. “All they have to do is ask for help and know their angels are around watching and protecting them.”

Inspired by her own mother-daughter relationship, Hydeck’s story centers around helping her daughter, Emma, explore her beliefs and find comfort in her faith.

The story’s colorful illustrations, coupled with encouraging, reassuring words, can help soothe the fears of young readers, book promoters said.

“Wings Up” also educates parents about the importance of teaching children about spirituality at an early age, promoters added.

Hydeck, a lifelong writer, graduated cum laude from Southern Connecticut State University. Following 27 years in the office management field, she acted on her lifelong passion for writing by publishing “Wings Up,” her first children’s book in a series of faith-based stories. She lives in Milford with her daughter, Emma.