WESTPORT — Though two days have passed since election night, several races still remain too close to call, and officials are now looking to double check absentee ballots.

Registrars of Voters Marla Cowden and Richard Ruggiano announced on Friday that election officials will conduct a recanvass of absentee ballots which were hand counted. One of the closest races is in District 3 of the Representative Town Meeting, where one vote separates Ross Burkhardt from Arline Gertzoff, with 292 and 291 votes, respectively

It also remains unclear which Republican candidate will sit on the Board of Education. Currently Vik Muktavaram has 3,481 votes to fellow Republican candidate Liz Heyer’s 3,452.

The recanvass will be conducted at 10 a.m. on Saturday in Town Hall Room 201. The public may observe.