West Shore Middle School to open 3 days after other schools

West Shore Middle School, which has been undergoing a remodel/renovation project for the past several months, will open three days after the other schools in Milford begin this school year.

The first day of school for the district is Monday, Aug. 28. The first day of school for West Shore is Thursday, Aug. 31.

“The three day delay in opening will insure that all of the classrooms to be occupied by our students will be completely ready to receive them,” Paul A. Cavanna, principal, said in a letter to parents.

“The extra time will give teachers the ability to prepare their classrooms properly and for secretaries and custodians to complete their final tasks before students arrive on Thursday. Finally, the extra days will provide the necessary time to insure that all inspections have occurred and the building is approved for occupancy.”

He invited parents to a “sneak peek” of the school on Wednesday, Aug. 30, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. for 6th graders and 6:30-7:30 p.m. for 7th and 8th graders

“This will be a chance to visit the school, see the classrooms and the current layout,” he wrote.

He wrote that the renovation project at West Shore was scheduled to take more than a year to complete.

“Construction began in March 2017, so there was never an expectation that all work would be completed at the start of this school year,” Cavanna wrote. “Sufficient renovation would be completed, however, to begin the school year, and that is being achieved. Regarding construction from this point forward, it will continue after school begins, but almost all of the work is on the other side of the building from the classrooms. We are working hard to minimize the impact on our students’ education. Work is underway in the main entrance, front pickup and drop-off loop, main office, gymnasium, and the media center.”

Windows are being replaced in many of the classrooms, and 10 classrooms have plywood where new windows have yet to be installed.

“Window replacement for these classrooms will be completed two at a time during the first quarter of the year,” the principal wrote.

In January, the Board of Aldermen voted to borrow $17.8 million for the project, which includes modernization of the main entrance, a new gym and a new stage; new band and chorus rooms that connect to the stage, and a media center transformed into “a state of the art learning center.”

State reimbursement is expected to pay a portion of the costs, and work is expected to be complete in 2018, bringing the school on par with East Shore and Harborside middle schools.