Waterspout tosses furniture around at Anchor Beach

A video posted on YouTube by a Milford resident shows the damaging effects of what appears to be a waterspout moving from the water at Anchor Beach in Milford to land.

The video was posted by resident Richard Shain, and a description with it says the waterspout was spotted at about 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 13.

The wind can be seen lifting a kayak and a surfboard and tossing them into Long Island Sound, and then sending trash cans and other items rolling and flying about on land as someone can be heard yelling, “Get inside.”

According to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website, waterspouts are commonly defined as tornadoes over water.

“Waterspouts usually develop over warm tropical ocean waters,” the site states. “They're spotted in the Florida Keys more than any other place in the world. They've also been seen over the waters of the Great Lakes.”

The tornadic waterspouts may often begin as tornadoes over land and then move over water, according to NOAA. They also form in severe thunderstorms over a body of water. “They can wreak havoc with high winds, hail, and dangerous lightning.”

This waterspout wasn't very large, but it was large enough to send people ducking out of the way.

In the short video, people can be heard commenting on the havoc as it unfolds, while people jog along the shore and ducks walk peacefully nearby, seemingly unaware of the isolated tornado over the water.

As the Milford Mirror waits for permission to share the video, we suggest you click here to see an NBC posting of the video footage.