Warrant offers details in alleged murder for hire plot

Murder and revenge are outlined in an arrest warrant released last week in the case of Gregory Christofakis and his girlfriend, Zeba Guy, who were arrested in connection with a murder for hire plot in October.

The twisted tale appears to start in September, when Christofakis was in court and bumped into a man he met when the two were in jail together. Christofakis, who owns Greg’s Auto Body on New Haven Avenue, brought the man, Edgardo Patron, back to the auto body shop and started talking to him about killing his former wife and his girlfriend’s former boyfriend, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Christofakis, a fairly respected member of the Milford business community over the past few years, told Patron he wanted his wife's death to look like it occurred due to natural causes.

Patron left the body shop and went home, and a month later he contacted police about the plot. Concerned that children might be present in one of the targeted homes, Patron agreed to become a “cooperating witness” for police and help them confirm that what he was saying was true.

Police fitted their witness with an electronic surveillance device and followed as he met with Christofakis at Greg's Auto Body.

“Investigators observed the cooperating witness meet with an individual they recognized as Gregory Christofakis from previous encounters and arrests,” the arrest affidavit states.

“The cooperating witness and Christofakis were observed entering a black Mercedes, which was parked in the lot of Greg's Auto Body.”

Police followed the car to Pruven Performance at 306 Boston Post Road, and then to Chris' Tattoo on Bridgeport Avenue, two businesses that Guy's ex-boyfriend owns.

In his conversation with the would-be assailant, Christofakis reportedly said that the ex-boyfriend “beat” Guy out of $150,000 and that he wanted payback.

Christofakis reportedly told Pruden that “he needs something done” He also told Pruden that he is paying $1,000 a week to his estranged wife, and said, “I want that dealt with.”

As they talked, Christofakis agreed to pay $20,000 “for both jobs.”

Later, the two men stopped at Shop Rite on Cherry Street, where they picked up Guy. Christofakis told Guy about his plan, and she at one point responded that she did not wish anyone to be killed, according to the arrest warrant.

Nevertheless, she wrote down the name and address  of her ex boyfriend and even provided directions to his home, the warrant states.

“Greg Christofakis also instructs the cooperating witness to get some friends and scope out the residence of the intended target,” the warrant states.

He also tells Pruden to find a way to cut the wires to the home and disrupt cellular phones “in an apparent attempt to prevent anyone from contacting authorities,” according to documents.

In his report, investigating officer Gregory Chacon added, “A short time later Christofakis asks the cooperating witness how soon the cooperating witness can get this done.”

The three returned to Greg’s Auto Body and police watched them enter the building, where they used a computer to search You Tube for videos of Guy's ex-boyfriend. They talked about hitting Christofakis' wife with a car; and hitting Guy's ex-boyfriend with a car while he's riding his motorcycle.

Guy later stated again that she did not want anyone to be killed, and they talked about making her ex-boyfriend suffer instead, “or put him in a wheelchair.”

“Gregory Christofakis suggests the cooperating witness 'break his legs’,” the warrant states.

Christofakis is charged with attempt to commit murder and conspiracy to commit assault in the first degree. A pre trail hearing is scheduled for Dec. 12.

Guy is charged with conspiracy to commit assault in the first degree. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Jan. 18.