Warrant details events of October home invasion: All suspects now apprehended

Police have now arrested all four suspects in connection with a disturbing home invasion in October, during which one man was badly beaten and a woman was held in a choke-hold, all while a child slept in another room of the house.

The four suspects knew their victims, according to an arrest warrant on file at Milford Superior Court. Last Tuesday police arrested Joseph Fox, 26, of 40 Pearson Avenue, the last of the four to be apprehended. Fox has a child with one of the victims and actually lived in the home with the female victim until about a week before the attack.

Police previously arrested Thomas Hart, 23, of 26 Kenmore Lane; Zachary Labbe, 23, of 79 Salem Walk and Michael Fox, 21, of 40 Pearson Avenue and charged them with home invasion and other criminal offenses.

According to police reports, a Milford woman and her boyfriend were asleep at 26 Kenmore Lane on the night of Oct. 26. The woman’s cell phone rang and it was a call from her cousin, Tommy Hart, the report states. Tommy Hart also lived in the house at 26 Kenmore Lane. The woman didn’t answer the call because as the phone was ringing, several men were walking into her bedroom.

The woman told police she recognized the men. One was Joseph Fox, she told police, the father of her six-year-old daughter, and the man with whom she had lived at 26 Kenmore Lane until a week before. The couple’s child was asleep in another room when the home invasion occurred.

According to an arrest warrant, the woman identified the others as Michael Fox and Zack Labbe.

Joseph Fox grabbed her by the throat as she was lying in bed and picked her up by her throat, the arrest warrant states.

“Joseph Fox was telling her to get out of the room so she did not have to witness what was going to happen,” the report says.

She told police that Joseph Fox pushed her out of the room while the other two men started punching and kicking her boyfriend.

“She stated [her boyfriend] was sleeping when the males first came into the room and he had no idea what was happening. [He] was completely unable to defend himself,” the report says.

The woman told police that Joseph Fox went back into the bedroom and joined in the assault.

She also told police she tried to call 911 but Joseph Fox took the phone from her.

The attack lasted about five minutes, and the male victim told police that Joseph Fox said to him, “I’m gonna flame you,” which the victim took to mean that Fox was going to shoot him.

When police entered the house, the suspected assailants had already left. Police say they found the assault victim on his knees with his hands on his face, with blood on his hands, face, head and puddling on the bedroom floor. He was taken to Bridgeport Hospital to be treated for his injuries, which included a fractured nose and two significant lacerations.

The male victim later told police that he had been friends with Joseph Fox and believed the attack was due to his relationship with Fox’s former girlfriend.

When he was arrested last week, Fox was charged with home invasion, assault, strangulation and interfering with an emergency call. He was also charged with conspiracy in connection to the charges, and he was held in police custody on a $300,000 bond.

Police took custody of Labbe and Michael Fox Oct. 31 and charged them with home invasion, first-degree assault, conspiracy to commit home invasion, conspiracy to commit assault, third-degree conspiracy to commit strangulation and conspiracy to interfere with an emergency call.

Hart was arrested Nov. 5, charged with conspiracy to commit home invasion, conspiracy to commit assault and conspiracy to commit strangulation. The victims told police they thought Hart had let the assailants into the house because he lived there. In text messages to the female victim, however, Hart said he was trying to warn her about the attack.