Walnut Beach shop offers place to trade and collect sea glass

The Long Island Sound Sea Glass Trading Post will have its grand opening on Saturday, March 29 from noon to 3 at the Beach Gallery, 2 Broadway. There will be refreshments, raffles and activities for kids.

Last year people started to bring beach glass into the Beach Gallery “just because,” said shop owner Elizabeth Wright.

As it piled up it made sense to become a place where artists or sea glass lovers could trade, she said.

“There is no money involved. There is a small steering committee and the chairman is 11-year-old Aidan Conway,” Wright said. “The main showcase is for education and houses unique sea glass.”

An old printer’s tray houses an array of sea glass in varying colors and sizes. Glass regularly arrives each day and must be sorted.

The grand opening  of the Sea Glass Trading Post is to let people know the swap spot exists.

“In the warm season we will have little carrying boxes for kids to collect as well as bags to collect beach litter,” Wright said. “We also have ‘I Iove sea glass’ bumper stickers.”

The beach-side shop already houses the works of four sea glass artists.