Walnut Beach carousel closes until next season

The carousel at Walnut Beach has been taken down, but George Marenna of Marenna Amusements said it will return next season.

There are some issues that have to be ironed out. The carousel opened at the beach July 4. Issues with the electric supply and vandalism that were not completely addressed led Marenna to take the ride down until those matters could be remedied. He said it will probably go back up next spring.

The carousel was generator powered, which created some noise issues in the neighborhood. Marenna said he expects that before he sets the ride back up, there will be a proper United Illuminating connection.

A higher fence around the carousel will protect it from some annoying vandalism, he added.

Marenna said he was disappointed to take the ride down. He said it was very well received in the area, but clearly those issues need to be addressed.

The Walnut Beach Arts and Business Association, on its Facebook page, announced yesterday, “Carousel update — You may notice that the carousel has been taken down, but rest assured that it will be back! Due to some technical difficulties, the horses needed to go back to the stable and rest ... We are working on getting them back in a permanent home for next summer at Walnut Beach.”

People who commented said they were sad to see it go.

“That makes me feel like summer is over,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “It was so nice to have it there for the short time it was.”

Resident Ed Mead said he was sad to see the carousel go because it reminded him of years gone by when there was a carousel at the beach.