Volunteers help shore up shoreline in Milford

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WncKs12_glQ&vol=70&width=620&height=348&autoplay=0[/embedyt]

Volunteers lined up Sunday at Walnut Beach to plant beach grass aimed at helping to restore a sand dune near the Albert Munroe Fishing Pier.

According to Steven Johnson, Milford’s open space and natural resource agent, the volunteers were gathered to help plant 2,800 Cape American Beach Grass plants,Ammophila breviligulata.  

“This is the first phase of a living shorelines dune restoration grant funded by the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) and the University of Connecticut,” Johnson said.

The beach grass will help restore the natural habitat and the coastal resiliency. Johnson said invasive species are also being removed as part of the 18-month project.

“We’re just so grateful we got the grant, the volunteers and a beautiful day to get out here and do the work,” Johnson said on Sunday.