Video: Connecticut moms advocate for medical marijuana for kids

Connecticut moms are fighting for their right to access medical marijuana for their children.
Joy O’Meara of Trumbull and Dana Wright and daughter, Ella, of Wilton shared their stories and advocacy work on the HAN Network’s Coffee Break news show Wednesday.
Both of their children suffer from serious medical issues and they believe their children and others in the state could benefit if doctors were able to prescribe medical marijuana oil.
Watch the interview below:

Both O’Meara and Wright work with other Connecticut parents to push for the passage of a bill that would allow medical marijuana for children. They help run the Facebook pageMedical Cannabis for Kids 4 Kids in CT.
They spoke Wednesday with Kate Czaplinski and Joshua Fisher about some of the opposition to the bill and common misconceptions.
When the Connecticut General Assembly regular session ended on June 3, chances for passage of Senate Bill 1064, that would enable children to benefit from the use of medical marijuana, apparently ended with it. The local parents are working now to educate an ensure the issue comes up in Hartford during the next session.
O’Meara, spoke to the Trumbull Times last month about her advocacy. He son Jamison suffers from uncontrolled and dangerous seizures. Wright also spoke the The Wilton Bulletin about the topic last April. 
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