Unmasked voters can cast ballots in Milford, but may be asked to stay outside

Milford City Hall

Milford City Hall

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MILFORD — Voting in a separate area from other voters is one option that will be offered to those who show up at the polls Tuesday in Milford without a mask.

While masks are not mandatory for voters to wear at Milford’s polling places, Registrar of Voters Kerri Rowland reassured residents Monday that precautions are being taken to ensure the safest voting experience possible in light of the current rise in COVID-19 cases statewide.

“We are following the guidance from the Secretary of the State in regard to masks not being mandatory at the polls,” said Rowland on Monday.

According to state guidance, Connecticut’s mask mandate is unenforceable inside the polling place. No registered voter, whether wearing a mask or not, can be prevented from voting. Milford is offering several options to all voters without a mask Rowland said she was hoping voters without a mask would choose one and cast their ballot as safely as possible.

According to Rowland, if voters come to the front door of their polling place without a mask, the voter will immediately be approached by a moderator, who will give them options to vote. One option is to wear one of the masks offered by a poll worker.

“We purchased extra masks if someone doesn’t have one,” Rowland said.

Another option for those without a mask is to place their vote in a separate area from the masked voters.

“We are going to try to provide a more separate voting booth environment from everybody else who has a mask so that there is less risk to poll workers and other voters from the voter without a mask,” Rowland said.

Additionally, a moderator could choose to set that voting place outside.

“All nine polling places are different, so the moderators, at their discretion, can decide where that location is, and outside is an option,” said Rowland, adding that no rain is expected Tuesday.

“I feel very confident that our poll workers are trained. I feel very confident that Milford voters want all people to be safe — poll workers and other voters,” Rowland said. “I believe that we are ready to make sure that everybody has a positive, quick, stress-free voting experience, and we’re ready to handle anything that comes our way.”

Additional safety measures that will be in effect at Milford polls is all poll workers will be required to wear masks, and hand sanitizer will be available.