Two new houses approved for Pearl Street

The Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously at its Feb. 19 meeting to approve construction of two single-family houses, one at 31 and the other at 33 Pearl Street.
The board postponed the vote from its Feb. 5 meeting because no one was present at that meeting to represent the applicant and answer questions from the board.
Patrick Tarantino filed an application for a coastal area management review for the houses to be constructed in the R-5 zone. The plans call for removing a single-story 1,000-square-foot house built in 1920 on the property line of the two properties, and constructing a zoning compliant house on each of the two lots, which are 0.12- acres each.
The lots are located in the AE-11 flood zone.
At the Feb. 19 meeting, Land Surveyor Andrew Flanagan, who said he prepared the plans, said each house will be 28 feet by 50 feet. The two-story houses will be constructed on piers of about 13.5 feet, placing them above potential flood waters.
Flanagan said the Inland Wetlands Agency granted its approval Dec. 5, 2018. There are 126 square feet. of wetlands at 31 Pearl Street, and 554 square feet of wetlands at 33 Pearl Street. Construction cannot take place in the wetlands area.
Storm water will be controlled through three rain barrels of 350 gallons each for each house.
Board member John Grant asked if the foundation was anchored to meet FEMA regulations. Grant pointed out an error in the garage height on the architectural drawings, which he said were also based on 2012 version of the building code, not the 2015 version, which is the most current. In response, Tarantino said the architect had the necessary information on the foundation. Flanagan said the drawings would be revised to correct the error and meet the current building code.
City Planner David B. Sulkis said the zoning permit and the building permit would not be issued unless the plans met the zoning regulations and the building regulations. Upon Grant’s recommendation, the board approved the motion with the conditions that the survey and architectural drawings be updated.