Two fishermen rescued from Milford waters

Firefighters rescued two fishermen in distress in Milford waters today.

It was about 1:13 p.m. when firefighters got several 911 calls reporting two people on some rocks near Beach Avenue at Anchor Beach. Firefighters, including West Shore’s Marine Units, responded and found two men on separate rock outcroppings.

One man swam to shore and was treated on scene for possible hypothermia. The other was brought to shore with West Shore Fire Rescue’s Marine 3 Unit. Both patients were transported to Milford Hospital’s Emergency Department for evaluation.

The men were stranded when their inflatable raft capsized and was pushed out of reach by winds. Water temperatures were around 66 degrees at the time.

“The department urges citizens to wear a personal flotation device any time they are on or near the water,” said Firefighter Kyle Brotherton.