Two beach houses must conform to height limits

Two proposed beach houses are going back to the drawing board to reduce their height to conform to the height limit of 35 feet.

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) tabled two applications at its Nov. 15 meeting to construct replacement beach houses, saying both exceeded the residential height limit of 35 feet.

The delay gives the applicants time to rework their plans. The plans require coastal management site plan approval. Both properties in the R-5 zone had storm-damaged houses, one of which has been torn down.

Jeff Attolino filed a petition on behalf of Black Labs LLC to construct a single-family home on a 0.05-acre property at 24 Maddox Avenue, replacing a house that was demolished. The LLC lists Nicholas Black of Stamford as the president.

Board member John Grant said the house would be six feet above the 35-foot limit, commenting that the architectural drawings did not show the building elevation, and did not have sufficient information regarding the property’s grade or elevation.

In other business, attorney Thomas Lynch presented plans for a proposed home at 687 East Broadway, a 0.11-acre property owned by Tom McKiernan. The property is just to the east of Silver Sands State Park.

Lynch said the property is non-conforming and received variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals to minimize some of the non-conformities. In particular, the new house would be moved three feet back from the street, as compared to the previous house.

Architect John Wicko said the 2,161-square-foot, two-and-one-half-story house would have an average height of 34 feet, 10 inches. The house would have a garage underneath. The first floor would be located at elevation 13 feet.

Grant said the proposed house is actually four to five inches higher than 35 feet. He also said the proposed cupola is higher than the permitted five-foot maximum.

Board member Thomas Nichol said when he visited the property, most of it was underwater.

In response, Lynch said the tide was higher than normal because of the supermoon and apogee moon.