Trumbull Printing completes major technology installation

Trumbull Printing, a division of HAN Network, is wrapping up a major technology installation at the firm’s 56,000-square-foot plant in Trumbull, Conn. The new system involves automation of several of its key press lines.

The investment was a strategic necessity to combat the ongoing volatility in the newsprint paper market. The tariffs that were threatened last year then instituted this year caused paper prices to skyrocket and have caused many commercial printers, and some newspapers, to cease operations.

“The Quad Tech Register Guidance System with MultiCam will dramatically improve our efficiency in terms of costs and quality once it is in full operation,” said Gus Semon, vice president of Commercial Printing for Trumbull Printing.

The new system involves breakthrough technologies, combining unmatched color-register performance with the flexibility to meet the most demanding press requirements. It includes a series of cameras and motors installed throughout the large presses. This equipment operates in concert with integrated hardware and software to monitor and then automatically adjust printing registration during a typical press run without any manual involvement by a pressman.

“This reduces the amount of paper wasted during the press run and allows the press staff to maximize quality for our customers and our own publications,” Semon said.

“Gus and his team of Press Manager Miguel Bonilla and Head of Maintenance Felix Torreiro did a remarkable job researching this project, then managing the installation with Quad Tech,” said HAN Network and Trumbull Printing CEO Martin V. Hersam. “This was a very big undertaking and without the efforts of these three would not have been able to make this leap,” he said.

“Publishing and printing are challenging industries that require precision cost controls. This sizable capital investment allows us to provide our existing customers with better quality and tighter controls on cost and paper consumption. It also allows us to compete better in the marketplace for new clients,” Hersam continued.

Trumbull Printing operates out of a 56,000-square-foot facility in Trumbull. The plant operates 24/6, producing HAN Network’s own newspapers as well as publications for a wide variety publishers and marketers between Boston and Philadelphia. More information can be found at