Trout Derby winners named

The following anglers were winners in the recent Milford Striped Bass Children’s Trout Derby.

Largest overall fish: Daymon Wellar, 6, 18 inch Rainbow Trout.

Largest Rainbow: First Jon Schmedlin, 8, 17 inch; second, Isaac Hayes, 9, 17-inch; third, Madison Lusignan, 8, 17-inch.

Largest Brook Trout: First, Louis Esposito, 14, 13-inch; second, Chris Powers, 13, 12-inch; third, Mike Latella, 5, 12-inch.

Largest Brown Trout: First, Alandra Padillo, 4, 13-inch; second, Zach Rooney, 15, 13-inch; third, Daniel Folloni, 8, 12-inch.

Largest Golden Trout: First, Cassie Warakowsky, 8, 18-inch; second, Noah Demers, 2, 17-inch; third, Patrick Mahoney, 14, 13-inch.

The following children were winners in the casting contest:

Five years and younger, Logan Michaels and Isabelle Brown.

Six to eight years old: Caiden McManus and Olivia Vargovchik.

Nine to twelve years old: Jeremy Martinez and Gianna Bacchiocchi.

Age 13 to 15: Bryan Wydra and Ashley Rose.