Train station art will be shown at Fine Arts Center Thursday

MilfordViews is a collaboration between local photographers, Milford Arts Council, Milford Chamber of Commerce and the City of Milford to beautify the train station while providing a walking map and a space to promote local events.

The City of Milford and the Milford Arts Council asked Milford residents in August to submit iconic photographs of Milford for use at the Milford train station. Previously, flyers and tape littered the blank kiosks, but now the space is filled with photography of Milford, a community board as well as a map of Milford.

Through this journey many local photographers submitted their photography, and all of the work submitted will be shown on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. at the Milford Arts Council.

For information contact Paige Miglio at 203-878-6647 or Julie Nash at 203-783-3230.