Town of Woodbridge initiates business sector meetings

WOODBRIDGE >> The Town of Woodbridge is initiating business sector meetings in order to strengthen economic development.

First Selectman Ellen Scalettar has been meeting individually with local businesses to learn about and help promote them. This effort has been well received and businesses report receiving increased attention from potential customers. The Town has also been hosting Business After Hours happy hours to provide networking opportunities. And the volunteer Economic Development Commission has been inviting local businesses to be highlighted during their monthly televised meetings.

The Town is now initiating business sector meetings. At sector meetings, business representatives from the same industry will meet with each other and the First Selectman to discuss issues and potentially to collaborate on future projects.

“My goal is to take our economic development efforts to the next level. We will continue to provide meaningful networking opportunities for our local businesses and to see if there are any industry trends or concerns with which the Town can be helpful,” said First Selectman Scalettar.

The first two sector meetings are a Real Estate and Commercial Property Owner meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 9 a.m., at Woodbridge Town Hall, 11 Meetinghouse Lane, and a Health Care sector meeting on April 5, 5 p.m., at Town Hall. Future sector meetings (manufacturing, retail and restaurants, professional services and home businesses) will be announced via the business email newsletter (sign up at