Top 40 wage earners represent about $5 million

The city and school lists of the top 40 wage earners for 2012 represent about $5 million in wages.

That breaks down to $2.38 million paid to the top 20 wage earners on the city side of the budget, and $2.6 million paid to the top 20 wage earners on the school side of the budget.

The Milford Board of Education list of highest paid employees is topped this year by School Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Feser, who earned $192,307.

The city list is topped by a nurse administrator who retired: Joan Cagginello earnerd $150,373.43.

The biggest earners on the school side of spending are typically principals and administrators.

On the city side, police officers, firefighters and administrators make up the list of highest paid employees. Some total wages, such as those of police officers, include overtime and other wage payments.

Wages paid to retired employees include retirement payouts.

Following are the top 20 wage earners on for the city and the school system.

City employees:

Joan Cagginello, retired nurse administrator, $150,373.43; Louis LaVecchia, retired fire chief, $147,437.20; Andrew McBride, health director, $136,368.62; Keith Mello, retired police chief, $135,984.02; John Burton, police sergeant, $129,316.92; Alan Zingaro, retired assistant deputy chief,  $126,862.82; Douglas Youd, police sergeant, $121,111.77.

Peter Erodici Jr., finance director, $121,079.13; Steven Romano, fire lieutenant, $120,881.27; Brandon Marschner, police lieutenant, $117,697.69; Daniel DelVecchio, retired fire battalion chief, $117,071.40; Tracy Mooney, deputy police chief, $116,643.54; Richard Anderson, police sergeant, $113,466.70; Gerald Butler, police captain, $106,918.92.

Thomas Raucci, chief building inspector, $106,264.02; Gary Baker, fire battalion chief, $106,248.01; Lee Robbins, police patrolman, $105,242.40; Bernard Begley, fire battalion chief, $104,961.69; Bruce Kolwicz, public works director, $104,219.34; Evan Beauvais, police sergeant, $103,624.53.

School employees:

Elizabeth Feser, school superintendent, $192,307.70; Robert Cummings, assistant superintendent, $156,905.30; James Richetelli Jr., CEO, $137,674.12; Francis Thompson, Law principal, $136,959.62; John Barile, former Foran principal, $135,848.09; Linda Scranton, teacher, $135,065.26; Catherine Williams, middle school principal, $133,377.43; Susan Keleher, pupil personnel, $132,845.67.

Also, Gorden Beinstein, middle school principal, $129,806.40; Vince Scarpetti, middle school principal, $129,806.40; Clifford Dudley, elementary principal, $127,960.87; Peter Testagrossa, retired teacher, $127,804.97; Robert Davis, elementary principal, $126,730.79.

Also, Rosemarie Lacobelle, elementary principal, $126,730.79; Sean Smyth, elementary principal, $126,730.79; Carole Swift, elementary principal, $125,683.27; Caroline Keramis, elementary principal, $125,383.23; Sharon Kluchnick, special education supervisor, $122,886.49; Carola Scaramella, reading curriculumn, $122,886.49; Christine Kennedy, special education supervisor, $121,691.22.