Tonight's P&Z hearing includes New Haven Avenue apartment plan

The following public hearings are on tonight’s agenda for the Milford Planning and Zoning Board. Included is the conclusion of a hearing on a multi-unit complex on New Haven Avenue that neighbors have protested.

The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. at Milford City Hall.

1. Colberg, LLC v. Milford Planning & Zoning, 86 Pond Point Avenue - Discuss pending litigation.

2.   631 ORANGE AVENUE (ZONE R-A) - Petition of the Woodruff Family YMCA for Special Exception approval to construct a climbing wall on Map 107, Block 835, Parcel 7, of which the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA is the owner.


Petition of CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc., on behalf of Devon Power, LLC, for Special Permit and Coastal Area Management Site Plan Review approval to perform remediation measures within 25 feet of high tide in the Housatonic River, on Map 31, Block 300, Parcel 1, of which Devon Power, LLC is the owner.

4. 127-1, 137 BRIDGEPORT AVENUE  (ZONE CDD-2) - Petition Thomas B. Lynch, Esq., for Special Permit and Site Plan Review approval to convert a café to a private club on Map 18, Block 10, Parcels 15 and 16, of which the Irish Heritage Society of Milford is the owner.

5. 535-537 BOSTON POST ROAD (ZONE CDD-1) - Petition of James M. Conners for Special Permit and Site Plan Review approval to expand an auto repair facility and establish a car dealership on Map 65, Block 311, Parcel 10A, of which Connors Properties, LLC is the owner.

6. 230 CHERRY STREET (ZONE CDD-1) - Petition of John Knuff, Esq. to construct retail stores, a restaurant and gasoline station on Map 77, Block 825, Parcel 61, of which SR 230 Cherry Milford LLC and BVS Investors LLC are the owners.

7. 1556 NEW HAVEN AVENUE (ZONE R-7.5) - Petition of Kevin J. Curseaden, Esq. for Special Permit, Coastal Area Management Site Plan Review and Site Plan Review approval for 8 residential units (2 existing), on Map 82, Block 787, Parcel 3, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-30g, of which Bella Properties Milford, LLC is the owner.