Three gardening lectures at Milford Library

The Friends of Milford Library and the Milford Recreation Department’s Benson-Crump Memorial Community Gardens Program will co-sponsor three gardening lectures this spring at the Milford Public Library at 57 New Haven Avenue.
All are free to the public and begin at 6:30 p.m. Each of the three lectures will be presented by Rachel Ziesk, certified advanced Master Gardener at Pollen-Urban Farming and Beekeeping. She is an instructor specializing in organic growing techniques for vegetable gardens, and former coordinator and teacher for the New Haven Land Trust.

For more information, call Nancy at 203-783-3307 or Linda at 203-783-3280x8.
Seed starting
Wednesday, March 30: “Seed Starting Done Correctly.” Learn all you need to know to correctly start your own seeds indoors for the coming season. Pick up tips on helpful growing timetables and fertilization.
Warm weather crops
Wednesday, April 27: “Warm Weather Crops.” Everything a gardener needs to know about crops that thrive in warm weather. What conditions each one needs to get started and to grow productively, what vitamins/organic fertilizers to use, when and where to plant, and what the maturity growing time frame is for each variety.
Pests and organic controls
Wednesday, May 18: “Pests, Disease and Organic Controls.” There are a lot of pests and diseases that can negatively affect your garden. In this lecture, you will learn about them and what you can do to combat them. Many can be avoided through early identification and prevention, but you need to know what to look for.